Chuck Hall Aviation provides Phillips 66 fuel.

Jet-A Full Service

Jet-A+ Plus Full Service

100 LL Full Service

Hangars & Tiedowns

We offer two different sizes of T-hangers, as well as tie-downs for temporary or long-term use.


Our lounge is equipped with unlocked Wi-fi and a wireless printer, comfortable chairs, free coffee and air conditioning. The perfect place to do your flight planning.

Crew Car

Our crew car is available on a first come, first serve basis, and you can use it at no cost for two hours. Perfect for meeting a friend for breakfast or going on a scenic drive up to Julian.

Rental Cars

Rental cars are available through Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Ramona

Additional Services

YSAir is based here, specializing in Yaks, Sukhois, and Nanchangs, as well as US Motoglider, which specializes in Stemme aircraft.