Chuck Hall Aviation provides Phillips 66 fuel.

Jet A Full Service

100 LL Full Service

Hangars & Tiedowns

We offer two different sizes of T-hangers, as well as tie-downs for temporary or long-term use.


Our lounge is equipped with unlocked Wi-fi and a wireless printer, comfortable chairs, free coffee and air conditioning. The perfect place to do your flight planning.

Crew Car

Our crew car is available on a first come, first serve basis, and you can use it at no cost for two hours. Perfect for meeting a friend for breakfast or going on a scenic drive up to Julian.

Rental Cars

We can arrange your rentals through Enterprise, and have your car waiting for you when you fly in!

Additional Services

YSAir is based here, specializing in Yaks, Sukhois, and Nanchangs, as well as US Motoglider, which specializes in Stemme aircraft.